As Lightning Protection Contractors We Provide More Than Peace of Mind

Project: Lightning Rod Installation
Client: Rebecca S.   |   Location: Rosemont, Pennsylvania

After watching a report on a fire that was caused by a lightning strike, Rebecca S. seriously considered the benefits of lightning protection. She learned about the keys to choosing a qualified installer and based on her research, Rebecca chose Paxson Lightning Rods.

“Now we love the feeling of safety and confidence we have when the skies darken and we hear thunder in the distance.”

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lightning rod installation

Lightning Protection – A Gift of Safety & Security

Project: New Lightning Rod Installation
Client: Arthur & Sheila G. | Location: New Castle, Delaware

Having had lightning protection from Paxson Lightning Rods installed in their own home 25 year prior, Arthur & Sheila knew the perfect housewarming gift when their son purchased a first home. They wanted to provide his young family with the same safety and security that they had.

Arthur and Sheila know from personal experience this is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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Lightning Protection - New Lightning Rod Installation

Lightning Rods Won’t Ruin the Aesthetics of Your Home

Project: Lightning Rod Installation
Client: Scott S. | Location: Bethesda, Maryland

When Scott began to consider installing lightning rods on his cherished property he was concerned about having rods, points, and wires mounted on the exterior of his beautiful home. A Paxson Master Designer assured Scott that the conductor cables would be tucked under eaves and any copper wiring that could not be hidden would eventually blend in with the house, or could be painted over. He learned that since ground rods are driven ten feet into the earth, shrubbery would conceal the necessary connections. After looking at some reference properties Scott was ready to authorize the work.

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Lightning Protection Systems Keep Everybody Safe

Project: Check-up of Existing System & Lightning Rod Installation
Client: Local Produce Farm | Location: Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

A local farm’s main house and the barn had been protected by Paxson Lightning Rods for many years. But after lightning struck one of the workers on another part of the property the farmer was determined to protect all buildings on the farm.

Paxson’s Master Designers and Installers created a lightning protection proposal that could be implemented in phases allowing the farm to function without interruption.

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Restoration Plans with Lightning Protection

Project: Lightning Rod Installation
Client: Jason P. | Location: Cape May, New Jersey

Jason’s familiarity with lightning came from a very up-close and personal experience. After a bolt of lightning struck his home causing a fire in the attic he knew that the restoration plans would have to include a lightning protection system to keep his family’s home safe from harm. Jason chose Paxson Lightning Rods based on their years of experience, their knowledgeable staff, and their commitment to quality.

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Retrofit Lightning Protection Installation

Project: Retrofit House with Lightning Rod Installation
Client: Jane & Tom P. | Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania

Scorched bricks from a lightning strike that hit their neighbor’s chimney provided a wake-up call for Jane & Tom. They were soon comforted by the thoroughness and attention to detail that the Paxson team paid to each measurement and architectural detail from the dormers to the chimney and from the roof to the foundation. Every step of the installation of their lightning protection system complied with industry safety standards.

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