Retrofit Lightning Protection Installation

Project: Retrofit House with Lightning Rod Installation   |   Client: Jane & Tom P.   |   Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania

It was a dark and stormy night, but Jane didn’t know how powerful and devastating the lightning bolts would prove to be. A sudden explosion and scorched bricks on the ground from her neighbor’s chimney provided a wake-up call. It was heart-pounding proof and a hair-raising reminder of lightning’s violent impact. Jane and her husband had a close call, but immediately knew what they had to do. They didn’t want to compromise the aesthetic beauty of their new country home, but they were determined to add a system of lightning protection that would protect their investment.

The client called Paxson Lightning Rods for help – a family-run business with highly experienced professionals, who offer full service protection and expert workmanship. Jane and Tom were soon comforted by the thoroughness and attention-to-detail that the Paxson team paid to each measurement and architectural detail from the dormers to the chimney and from the roof to the foundation. They were presented with a comprehensive estimate for the lightning rod retrofit, including a sketch showing the layout of the air terminals, the wiring, and the ground rods.

Once the plan was authorized, the installation began. A Lightning Protection Institute Master Designer and Installer — along with a Paxson team of experts carefully attached the air terminals (sometimes called points) to the roof, the chimney, and the dormers. Every step of the installation of their lightning protection system was in compliance with industry safety standards. Tom and Jane were surprised how inconspicuously the copper cables were tucked under existing roofing materials and rain gutters — they were nearly invisible.

The cables and air terminals were connected to a long copper ground rod that was buried ten feet under ground forming one continuous, discrete system with no disruption to the design and beauty of the structure itself. Jane and Tom were amazed and extremely satisfied with the results of the Paxson project. Next time the skies darkened and the rains came, Jane and Tom were confident their home and family were safe from lightning strikes and power surges. They highly recommend Paxson Lightning Rods to anyone who wants the same peace of mind.

Lightning Protection Installation

“If the lightning that hit my next door neighbor had been a few feet over, it could have destroyed their entire home…or mine. Too close for my comfort, that’s for sure.”

– Jane P., West Chester