Paxson Lightning Protection Systems

Paxson Lightning Rods has been protecting homes and businesses in the mid-Atlantic region for over 100 years.

Our company has been protecting homes, businesses, and farms from storms and power surges since 1923. For four generations, our family has been installing lightning protection systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, safeguarding the buildings you live and work in. All of our projects are designed and installed to meet or exceed the most stringent national safety standards. Although you might not be able to see our products — because we take pride in blending our work into the beauty of existing architecture — our lightning rods and lightning protection systems are proudly on display in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey.

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Paxson Lightning Rods - Solutions


We design and install practical lightning protection systems for homes, businesses, barns, commercial operations, and public facilities—no matter how big or small. Paxson is fully licensed and insured to meet your safety needs.
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Paxson Lightning Rod Installation - Expertise


A recognized leader in lightning protection, Paxson has offered expertise and unwavering commitment to homeowners and businesses in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and the surrounding areas.
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Paxson Lightning Rod - Insights


With more than 95 years of experience in the lightning protection industry, the Paxson team of skilled craftsmen will install protection in accordance with national safety standards and in harmony with the structural design.
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Paxson Lightning Protection System - Trust


Now in its third generation of service, you can rely on Paxson to stand by its products for the long haul. Even after the workers are gone, we will be ready to ensure that our lightning protection systems keep your family safe.
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