Providing peace of mind – one lightning rod at a time

The Paxson team will manage your installation from start to finish and stand by our product in the coming years. Our Lightning Protection Master Installers/Designers will customize your project with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption to the appearance of your home. Our family is the region’s authority on practical and perfect self-defense against lightning. We take pride in protecting generations of families and countless companies and businesses since 1923.

The Paxson promise of protection is available for new or existing structures. We can also service systems that are already in place. If you have recently remodeled your home or roof or have added new construction on your property, Paxson professionals can install a lightning protection system to prevent costly damage from an unpredictable disaster.

Lightning protection is not a project for amateurs — an inferior product is more dangerous than no product at all. The Paxson team features Lightning Protection Institute Master Designers/Installers with years of practical experience. The quality of our work is second to none and meets or exceeds national safety standards. Every detail of our work is part of a comprehensive plan. Remember—the price of prevention is invariably less than replacement costs. Peace of mind is priceless.

Call us and we’ll send a team member to your residence or farm to answer all your questions about lightning rods for homes. Our representative will work with you to develop a plan to fit your needs. We’ll create a simple way for you to feel safe and eliminate worries. Discover the security the Paxson team delivers.

Safety Standards

Lightning protection systems and equipment are governed by the following standards:

  • Underwriters Laboratories UL 96 Lightning Protection Components
  • UL96A Installation Requirements for Lightning Protection Systems
  • National Fire Protection Association NFPA 780 Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems
  • Lightning Protection Institute LPI175 Standard of Practice

Lightning Rods for Homes

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