Our family has been protecting your family and
business from deadly lightning since 1923.

For over a century the Paxson family has been dedicated to lightning protection with a commitment to community service and quality workmanship – commitments that continue today. Like our company, the lightning rod has a proven track record of protecting the structures, the equipment and even lives from the devastating results of powerful lightning strikes and damaging power surges. As our world has modernized increasing our dependence on sophisticated electronic devices, Paxson Lightning Rods has continued to develop and evolve to meet these needs. More lightning protection systems are installed now then ever before.

All of our projects are certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and meet all of the standards established by the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). As UL members, the quality and conformity of our work is more than just paper compliance – it is certified by on-site field inspections. We don’t believe in short cuts when it comes to safety.

Based on our extensive service record in the Mid-Atlantic, our extremely qualified team and our community involvement you can count on Paxson to design and install a lightning protection system that ensures the safety of everything you value. Our most important product is peace of mind. At Paxson Lightning Rods we are proud of our accomplished history and our experienced team of professional lightning protection contractors.

Meet the Team

Steve Paxson - Lightning Protection Contractors

Steve Paxson

Steve is our company president and proud fourth-generation owner. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the lightning protection industry. As a Lightning Protection Institute Master Installer, Steve monitors every project for quality materials and expert workmanship. His involvement guarantees that our services are compliant with the most current standards in lightning protection.

Dwight Diament - Lightning Protection Contractor

Dwight Diament

Dwight may not have the same last name, but with his twenty years at Paxson he is certainly considered one of the family. As Lightning Protection Institute Master Installer/Designer Dwight is involved in every stage of a protection project – from sales to designs to installations. A liaison with architects, builders, homeowners, and property management companies, Dwight ensures that quality is built in from start to finish.

Marie Paxson - Lightning Protection Company

Marie Paxson

Marie has kept the Paxson office running efficiently for quite some time, managing quotations, contracts, insurance paperwork, invoices and of course phone calls and emails. With her proficiency in office technology, Marie is a skillful navigator of all these tasks. She keeps up with the latest in business management and current lightning protection standards through workshops and webinars.

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Paxson Lightning Rods – It all started with the mission to protect over 100 years ago

Francis Paxson, Steve Paxson’s great-grandfather, founded Paxson Lightning Rods, Inc. in 1923 and spent a lifetime protecting families, farms and businesses throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware.

Historical Pictures of Lightning Protection Contractors