Lightning Protection – A Gift of Safety & Security

Project: New Lightning Rod Installation   |   Client: Arthur & Sheila G.   |   Location: New Castle, Delaware

Twenty-five years ago Arthur and Sheila made the decision to install lightning rods to protect their family and home. They also decided to hire Paxson Lightning Rods to do the job — two decisions they will never regret!

More than 20 years later when Arthur and Sheila’s son bought his first home, Mom and Dad knew the perfect gift. Arthur and Sheila wanted to provide their son and his young family with the same safety and security that they had. Deciding who would do the work was an easy call. The Paxson team had unquestionably earned their trust from the initial design through the installation and maintenance.

The Paxson team provided a comprehensive estimate including comprehensive schematics and pricing. Once the details were finalized, the project began to move forward. With very little disruption to the comings and goings of a busy young family, the Paxson Master Designers and Installers put the barely-noticeable equipment in place. Arthur and Sheila are happy to know their grandchildren can listen to the rumbling of thunder and watch the display of lightning bolts while safely shielded by a Paxson lightning protection system.

Arthur and Sheila know from personal experience this is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Lightning Protection - New Lightning Rod Installation