Restoration Plans with Lightning Protection

Project: Lightning Rod Installation   |   Client: Jason P.   |   Location: Cape May, New Jersey

Jason’s familiarity with lightning came from a very up-close and personal experience. A bolt of lightning suddenly struck his home causing a fire in the attic. Fortunately, firefighters prevented the blaze from spreading into the rest of the house. Unfortunately, the resulting water damage was extensive.

Moving forward, Jason knew that restoration plans would have to include a lightning protection system to keep his family and their home safe from harm. Jason chose Paxson Lightning Rods based on their years of experience, their knowledgeable staff, and their commitment to quality.

The Paxson team coordinated their work with the schedules of other contractors during the restoration. This cooperative spirit made the project proceed smoothly for everyone — especially Jason and his family! The installers worked efficiently with respect for the visual as well as the functional aspects of the design. The result was peace of mind for Jason and his loved ones.

Lightning Rod Installation during Restoration