As Lightning Protection Contractors
We Provide More Than Peace of Mind

Project: Lightning Rod Installation   |   Client: Rebecca S.   |   Location: Rosemont, Pennsylvania

One night, Rebecca was watching the local news when she saw a report on a fire that was caused by a lightning strike. The family’s home was nearly destroyed. Forced to seek temporary shelter, these folks lost cherished possessions they could never replace.

“I really hadn’t given lightning rods much of a thought” Rebecca said, “but after seeing the horrible damage and hearing about this family’s tremendous loss, I began to seriously consider it.” Rebecca did her homework. “I viewed the educational materials on various websites. I learned that credentials from the Lightning Protection Institute and Underwriters Laboratories are keys to choosing a qualified installer.”

Based on her research, Rebecca chose Paxson Lightning Rods. According to Rebecca, “They’ve been in business since 1923 and have protected buildings in Longwood Gardens, Hagley Museum, and Fairmount Park. That was good enough for me!”

Speaking for her family, Rebecca says happily, “We dreaded the approach of thunderstorms and lightning. Now we love the feeling of safety and confidence we have when the skies darken and we hear thunder in the distance.” She added, “It’s especially reassuring when we’re away from home. We might worry about leaving enough lights on, but we don’t worry about losing our home and our family treasures to a lightning strike!”

Lightning Rod Installation