Lightning Protection Systems Keep Everybody Safe

Project: Check-up of Existing System & Lightning Rod Installation   |   Client: Local Produce Farm   |   Location: Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

One of several workers at a locally-owned produce farm was hard at work in one of the fields, when a fast moving thunderstorm developed unexpectedly. Tragically, the worker was struck by lightning. The force of the bolt threw him from the tractor to the ground. Although he was not seriously harmed, the event left him very apprehensive and wary.

The owner of the farm recognized how this incident could lead to more serious consequences and was very concerned about the future safety of all his employees. The farm’s main house and the barn has been protected by Paxson Lightning Rods for many years. And after this unfortunate experience, the farmer was determined to protect all buildings on the property — most importantly the staff housing, as workers receive on-site housing as one of their employment benefits.

Paxson Lightning Rods worked to develop a comprehensive plan to ensure that every building on the farm would be safe from the destructive force of lightning. The first step was a thorough inspection of the lightning protection equipment already in place on the main house and barn to check for any damage over the years and to assure that the system was still in line with the latest safety codes.

Paxson’s Master Designers and Installers then created a lightning protection proposal that could be implemented in phases allowing the farm to function without interruption. The farm’s owner was greatly relieved to know that his employees and his property would be more secure from the fierce and unpredictable nature of thunderstorms.

Lightning Protection Systems